St. Cloud State Today

King Banaian

Company: St. Cloud State University

Position: Professor, Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • St. Cloud Area and Minnesota Economy
  • Monetary Policy and Theory (Federal Reserve, International)
  • Economics
  • Public Affairs

Publications & Accomplishments

  • St. Cloud Area Quarterly Business Report
  • Minnesota Society of CPAs
  • Institute for Supply Management, MN Chapter
  • Analysis, Research and Planning for Armenia
  • Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association
  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Government Day for the St. Cloud Chamber Leadership Program (this is not an economics talk but draws on my legislative experience)
  • Central Minnesota Estate Planners Council (annually for over 20 years)
  • St. Cloud Area Association of Realtors


Ph.D. in Economics from the Claremont Graduate School.


King Banaian is a professor in the Department of Economics and dean of the School of Public Affairs at St. Cloud State University.  He holds the Ph.D. in economics from the Claremont Graduate School. He has consulted at central banks and ministries of finance in several developing countries.  He is author of two books and over 50 articles discussing monetary policy and political economy as well as an occasional paper on the economics of sports. A former state representative from St. Cloud, he is co-author of the St. Cloud Quarterly Business Report and hosts a radio program in Minneapolis.