St. Cloud State Today

Seongsu Kim

Company: St. Cloud State University

Position: Associate Professor, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate / Holder of the MN Chair in Real Estate

Areas of Expertise

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Planning
  • Housing
  • Consumer Economics
  • Business Administration

Publications & Accomplishments

  • Kim, S. D., & Chatterjee, S. (in press). The Valuation Effects of REIT Mergers During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Journal of Finance Issues, 21 (1). 
  • Kim, S. D. (2023). The valuation effects of hotel mergers. Tourism Economics, 29 (2), 348-377. 
  • Kim, S. D., Chatterjee, S., Haley, J. D. (2022). An examination of life insurer share price behaviors surrounding Covid-19 death announcements. Journal of Insurance Issues, 45 (2), 1-25.
  • Kim, S. D., Carswell, A. T. (2022). The mediation effect of indoor air quality on health: A comparison of homeowners and renters. Indoor Air, 32 (9), 1-13. 
  • Kim, S. D., Cotwright, M., & Chatterjee, S. (2019). Who are robo-advisor users? Journal of Finance Issues, 18 (2), 33-51. 
  • Kim, S. (2013). The viability of a second-mover’s market win with higher brand equity. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 21 (3), 201-216. 


Ph.D. in Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.